Lady's Of Wonder's like to welcome you to our site.

Looking for a RHS chapter to join, we could be the one.

We believe that silliness is the comedy relief of life.

If you live in North East Ohio, there are chapters to choose from, and plenty events to keep you busy. Our chapter members are spread out, Cleveland,Lorain,Fairview, Avon, Hinckey. It all depends how far are you willing to travel. The Red Hat Society was started in 1998 by Sue Ellen {our Exalted Queen Mother }, and grew to be one of the largest society for woman fifty and older. Women under fifty is welcome also. Depending on chapter age limit, but the Red Hat Society except membership starting at age twenty-one. Lady's fifty plus wear red hats and purple clothes, and lady's under fifty wear pink hats and lavender clothes. Pink hatters are known as, pink hatter in training. Most chapter gather once a month. Each chapter has a queen, vice queen, and chapterettes, which chose ther own royal name. For more information, you can click on the web site below.

Customs & Traditions

Red Hat Society Day--April 25th
A fun filled holiday celebrating the anniversary of the very first Red Hat Society gathering on April 25,1998. Many of us choose to celebrate all month long!
The classy, crazy, fun and colorful outfits we all love to wear when we gather.
Birthday Suits

Wear the RHS colors in reverse for your entire birthday month.
Royal Titles
In the spirit of play,every Hatter is encouraged to dream up a title for herself.
A ceremony to honor a chapter Queen. It can be simple, elaborate, crazy, silly or all of the above as long as it's fun!
A Pink Hatter's "rite of pasage"which may include a creative ceremony or just a simple swapping of a pink hat for a red one.
Official Instrument
The Kazoo. Why? Anyone can hum and play one; it's portable; it's cheap; and group concerts ae easily arranged.
Official Sport
Yes, we have one: It is shopping, of course.
The Wave
The Queenly wave, which comprises the official RHS reeting, is performed by cupping the hand, fingers together, and ever-so gently swiveling the wrist back and forth in the direction of the adoring throng(or other Hatters).
Red Hatters enjoy gestures of affection when bidding each other hello or goodbye, but hugs ten to knock hats to the gound. Therefore, when in our regalia, we often content ourselves with mutual shoulder touching and gentle brushing of hat brims.
Gutsy Gals
Courageous Supporting Members who attend RHS events all by themselves and soon find themselves welcomed by all.
This is a special nickname given to our Supporting Members.
Hatters don't have them(a bit too boring for our tastes). We prefer gatherings, hoots, get-togethers, affairs, and galas.


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